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Below is a list of links that I have collected. If you know of a great oboe site you'd like to see on this page, please email me and let me know!

Aria Double Reeds - Double Reeds Professionals serving Double Reed Players Arizona State University Oboe Page - a great resource for all oboists! Gary Armstrong Woodwinds -- Toronto's Centre for Clarinets and Oboes. He carries a full line of oboe supplies.
Chalres Double Reed Company-- Over 700 products for oboe and bassoon players since 1984. Instruments, hand made reeds, cane, tools, accessories and repairs exclusively for double reed players (and their band directors). They're happy to answer any sort of double reed questions by phone or email. Chicago Reed Company -- Oboe, Oboe d'Amour, and English Horn reeds. Mark Chudnow Woodwinds-- A distributor of F. Loree Oboes and English Horns and the makers of MCW Oboes. Chudnow also makes metal oboe staples that I love!
Cossio Insurance Agency - Cossio Insurance offers general liability insurance for entertainers, property coverage for instruments, and can even provide coverage for your special events & concerts. Covey Oboes-- They make a professional level oboe, the Covey Oboe. They make/sell almost all equipment an oboist needs. Of particular interest to band directors, they carry excellent reeds, Fox 330 oboes, Strasser oboes (made by Mariqaux, an intermediate instrument in the same price range as Fox, but wooden), and reed making kits. Double Reed, Ltd. - They are a bassoon sales company in the UK, although they ship internationally.

Stuart Dunkel -- Another fine and well-known resource for Double Reeds Supplies.

Forrests Music-- A company out of Berkeley California specializing in instruments, reeds, tools, accessories, repairs, books, music, and compact disk recordings. Fox Products--The official "Fox" website. They do not sell oboes from this site, but you can get their prices as well as much information about their products.
Hannah's Oboes and English Horns - stocks new and used oboes and English horns made by the top manufacturers Ann Hodge-- Out of Maryland, double reed supplies. Howarth Oboes -- A leading maker of oboes in the U.K., they have expanded their reach to the United States.
International Double Reed Society-- The World-Wide organization of double reed players, instrument manufacturers, and enthusiasts. Jeanné Inc. -- In addidtion to Lorée and Cabart Oboes, oboe cane, double reed accessories and sheet music, she also carries many of the non-oboe necessitites: metronomes, tuners, repair supplies, etc. Josef Oboes - Excellent Japanese Professional and Intermediate oboes and English horns.
The Magic Reed - Handmade Student through Professional oboe reeds to the highest standard Marsh Woodwinds -- Not a double reed specialist, but an excellent repair shop in North Carolina. He also usually has some used oboes in his inventory. Bruce McCall - Bruce does EXCELLENT repair work out of Rush's Musical Services. He recently repaired and adjusted my oboe and I am extremely satisfied!
McFarland Double Reeds-- An excellent place to buy an instrument! I have visited his shop in Georgia and was very impressed (I actually bought my English Horn here). He carries new and used instruments and has a repair shop! Midwest Double Reed Society -- This page is provided primarily for double reed instrument players living in the MSRS six-state area, but anybody else is welcome to surf around.  Midwest Musical Imports-- More than just oboes, but they carry all the top name brands of oboes and english horns.
Miller Marketing Company -- Instruments and Double Reeds Supplies. You can check out the Mariqaux and Fassati Oboes and English Horns, and Moosmann Bassoons.  MKL Reeds -- All MKL Oboe Reeds are handmade by a professional oboist who knows the demands of playing the oboe. Edmund Nielsen Woodwinds -- They have been specializing in service for oboists and bassoonists since 1949. Look at their on-line store with large full color pictures of their entire inventory of oboe reeds and tools. They also ship all orders out on the same or next business day.   
Nora Post, Inc.-- America's widest selection of new and used Oboes and English Horns. This site has extensive interviews with players of many of the oboes I have listed on the "Brands" page. 

OboeCane.com -- They specialize in high quality oboe cane for the entire range of instruments of the Oboe family. 

The Oboe Spot -- Here you'll find a huge variety of sheet music arranged for oboe.
Oboe Stuff -- Oboe and English horn products at affordable prices. Oboes.us - a site by Peter Hurd, an excellent resource for used oboes of all types. Oboe-Shop.de - Oboe-Shop offers you oboe reeds, oboe and bassoon tube cane, gouged cane, staples and oboe accessories. We provide you with hand-selected oboe cane of French suppliers such as Alliaud, Ghys, Marca etc.. Furthermore we sell high quality cane from our own plantations Vic, Rouché and Molinier.
Sarah Parker Oboe Reeds - Sarah has several different options available for reeds - from buying single reeds to buying a subscription of three reeds a month. The reeds are handmade and excellent! RDG, Inc. -- Another fine supplier of double reed products. Reedmaker.com -- providing quality Oboe and English Horn reeds to the Professional and Student oboist.
Double Reeds, Inc. -- Bill Roscoe's double reeds supplies. Reed Pros - Reed Pros specializes in handmade oboe reeds for beginners to professionals. Sharon's Oboe Shoppe-- Located in Richmond, Virginia, Sharon's Oboe Shoppe is a direct importer and distributor or L'oree instruments with new shipments received regularly. Sharon's Oboe Shoppe offers personalized service and assistance in the selection process of high-quality L'oree instruments from oboes to bass baritones
Trifibre Flight Cases - With over 30 years of experience in providing cases for the music & Pro AV industry Trifibre can build the case to suit you. usedoboes.com - a great site if you're looking for a used oboe. You can sort the oboes by price range, which makes it really easy to find what you're looking for! Gail Warnaar Double Reed Shop -- A very interesting site. It contains information about her homestead as well as double reeds.
Weber Reeds -- A double reed supplier of music, reeds, tools, bocals, cases, cane, shapers, tuners, thread, etc. Yamaha Corporation -- You can check out the Yamaha line of oboes here.  

Other Links of Interest....

Children's Music Portal - A comprehensive site of links to resources, teachers, music, and much more!

Clarion Insurance -- This company specializes in musical instrument insurance.

Ellistrations -- Music-related gifts. Great site!

Encore Music -- Full service music facility located in Woodburn, Indiana

International Opus -- Solo and Ensemble music for recitals, multicultural programming, educational concerts, church and jobs.

Lars Kirmser's Music Trader -- THE MUSIC TRADER is a full service retail music store located in Maple Valley, Washington (about 15 miles SE of Seattle).

Music 123 -- A music store that also carries oboe supplies and reeds.

The Woodwind Fingering Guide-- An excellent fingering chart for many woodwinds, including Oboe and English Horn.



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