As I've mentioned on other pages of this site, oboe repair is tricky! Whereas there are minor repairs that I trust most local repair techs with (replacing pads and corks, for example), more intensive repairs should definitely be sent to repair techs who specialize in oboes or double reeds.

The list below is by no means comprehensive - I'm sure there are more, and as I find them I will add them to the page. Also, please be aware that I do not have personal experience with most of these. There are several names that I consistantly hear in regard to oboe repair, and others that have simply been recommended to me by other oboists I know. My goal is to list reputable repair techs around the United States so that hopefully you can find one in your area. If you have experience with any of these (or ones I don't have listed), please send me feedback and I will list your feedback (anonymously) by the respective repair tech -- if I don't have alot to say about any of these repair techs, it's not because they aren't highly qualified -- it's simply because I don't know much about them!



John Goebel
Berkeley CA
  • According to Forrests Music, " Since he is one of the best in the country, he works by appointment and is usually booked way in advance."

John Peterson
Los Angeles/Orange CA
  • John has worked for RDG Woodwinds in Los Angeles for 20 years, and also has his own shop.
  • He also offers custom keywork for those with physical limitations or disabilities.

Mark Chudnow
Napa CA
  • Mark does all his own repairs, and has 30 years' experience.
  • Mark worked at the Loree Factory in France for 6 months.

Ginger Ramsay
Blairsville, GA

  • Because they are an oboe-making shop, Covey Oboes is uniquely prepared to offer the most comprehensive range of repair services for your oboe.
  • Ginger Ramsay took over ownership after Paul Covey passed away, and she is now the principal oboe maker and principal repair tech. If she can make them, you know she can repair them!

Carlos Coelho
Indianapolis IN
  • Professional Oboe and English Horn players from around the world send their instruments to Carlos. His is one of the names I have heard over and over again in the oboe world as a prominent repairman.
  • He is one of the few craftsmen in the United States who have received training at the prestigious F. Lorée factory in France.

Cindy Budd
Minneapolis MN

  • Cindy works out of Midwest Musical Imports.
  • She trained at the Lorée factory in France.
John Hiniker
Rochester MN
  • John Hiniker is without doubt one of the premier English hornists -- he has his own line of English horn bocals that are EXCELLENT!
  • He also makes oboes, so he has unique insight to repairs!
New Hampshire

Brian Charles
North Conway NH
  • Brian is another of the names I hear quite frequently in the oboe world.
  • Brian's mentor was Pedro Rivera, who repaired for woodwind musicians from Harold Gomberg of the NY Philharmonic to Woody Allen and Miles Davis.
  • Brian's clients include members of major US and international orchestras, Broadway musicians, teachers and students.
New York

Nora Post
Kingston NY
  • Any time I have asked anyone where to look for quality instruments, Nora Post is always at the top of the list. She performs her own repairs, and you can read raves about her repairs at

Bruce McCall
Knoxville TN
  • Bruce works out of Rush's Music Service in Knoxville TN. Bruce was recommended to me by a former private student who was then studying oboe performance (she graduated this year!).
  • I sent my oboe to him in need of a repaired crack and a complete overhaul. He did a great job -- I really don't think my oboe has ever played as well as it does now. He was very easy to deal with and returned my oboe to me in a timely manner. I am VERY happy!

Larry Mueller
Kingsport TN
  • Larry's site gives detail explanations and pictures of how he performs some of his repairs.
  • Studied with oboe maker Paul Covey


  • Jason, the repair tech, is an oboist and studied with Dr. Dan Ross.
  • Jason has worked with and consulted with some of the top repair technicians in the industry, allowing him to try many different repair techniques all the while honing his own skills to provide quality repairs.


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